Unitycoin, the coin for

Unitycoin is a digital opportunities network aimed for Franchisees ,Active members, Enterprises and Advertisers in these key business areas


We introduce to the crypto community a new Altcoin in the digital marketing industry. It's an optimized tool for Franchisees looking to start their online business, for Active members wishing to generate online incomes, for any Enterprises looking to new customers and for all Advertisers who want to increase the Performance of her advertising campaigns. Moreover, the interaction between these 4 types of users represents the synergy of our business model and the digital opportunities it create

Active members

Generate online incomes with Unitycoin
  • E-reputation network incomes
  • E-commerce and dropshipping incomes
  • Affiliate commissions and MLM incomes
  • Crypto trading & mining incomes


Drive more customers to your business
  • Digital Services for enterprises
  • Online Marketing and E-reputation
  • Leads Generator by our affiliate networks
  • Tokenise your business with your own Crypto


Effective and targeted solutions for international advertising industry
  • Global website network
  • Big Data Network
  • Optimised PPC
  • Leads Generator


Launch your online business with Unitycoin
  • Your free Website or E-commerce
  • Advertising and E-reputation incomes
  • Affiliate commissions and MLM incomes
  • Crypto Trading & mining incomes

Our Business Model

A modern business ecosystem powered by the blockchain

Road Map

An ambitious 1-year plan to achieve success

  • 2018Q4

    White paper 1.4
    Team expand
    Strategic partnership
    Websites network expand
    Listing on decentralised exchange
  • 2019Q1

    White paper 1.5
    second stage of community Airdrop
    25 new Franchisee websites
    1000 Active members
    1 000 000 UNT available on the market at 0.0001 ETH
    Listing on exchange
    web browser mining script
    Adding collaborators to the development team
  • 2019Q2

    White paper 1.6
    25 new franchisee websites
    10000 community members
    Advertisers and entreprises management platform
    https://tradeads.ca ICO launch
    Third stage of community airdrop
    Adding collaborators to the development team
  • 2019Q3

    White paper 1.7
    Unitycoin DAPP launch
    Creation of the Wallet Unity
    Implementation of the Masternode system
    25 new Franchisee websites
    5000 community members
    Unitycoin DAPP launch

    Adding collaborators to the development team
    Adding a new language and developing the relative market
  • 2019Q4

    White paper 1.8
    10 new franchisee websites
    10 000 members in the community
    1 new members services platforms online
    Adding collaborators to the development team
    Adding a new language and developing the relative market
    DAPP marketplace launch

Token Supply

Unitycoin is a ERC20 token . An utility token use to services exchanges throught the network.

25 000 000 Will be sold


Total supply


Circulating supply

75 000 000 for Team and Community

Contract Address


Token Ticker


18 Decimals



Management and Development Team

Réjean Leclerc


Lucas Crousson


Nelson Kamdem

Business development

Thomas Panisi

Training Manager

Priscillia Roger

Training department

Bobby Dennie

Web Integrator

Genevieve Gaillard

Community manager

Stephane Pinlap Fondjo

Community Manager

Some Unitycoin websites network

  • Tradeads.ca